How It Works

Restolabs makes ordering fun and seamless

- By creating the ultimate experience for your customers
while placing an order on your branded website / app.

- By providing a platform for you to manage orders with just a click.

Give your customers the pleasure of ordering directly from you through your own branded web store

1. Customer picks his preferences.

2. Customer select items from menu.

3. Customer fills his checkout information.

4. Customer enters card details.

5. Order sent to the restaurant.

In this video we will demonstrate how our customer can

Restolabs provides easy and reliable ways to get real time notification of your orders

1. View an order on the system dashboard.

2. View the order on email.

3. Get an automated phone call to your phone.

4. Get instant message after every order.

5. Get an automated printout to your printer.

In this video we will demonstrate how our owners received orders through

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