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The power packed features of Restolabs to amplify your business

Quick Menu

Quick Menu Set Up

All it takes is just an hour to set up your restaurant and get going.

Easy Order Management

Easy Order Management

Manage incoming orders on the go. Update customers on their orders on the fly. Make changes to your menu anytime from your dashboard.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Get the language freedom with Restolabs multilingual support for your customers. It is not just online ordering but comfort ordering.

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Leverage the inbuilt marketing modules such as Loyalty and Coupons to turn your customers into raving fans of your service.



Get your customers data and know them even better now. Reward your most loyal customers and engage the new ones even further using Restolabs inbuilt Marketing Tools.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Reach out to us anytime of the day or week and we will answer your query at the earliest.

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A Sneak Peak Into What Restaurants Like About Us

"My experience with the entire Restolabs team has been fantastic. I view them as important partners in my success" Here is what has made Restolabs so great to work with:

  • Partnership/Understanding
  • The team took the time to listen and understand my unique business needs. I felt like I was acquiring a strategic business partner and not just a web development vendor.
  • Experience/Leadership
  • In that spirit of partnership, the experience of the team at Restolabs was able to provide leadership and recommendations that helped me make the best business decisions to meet my goals. I was able to rely on the Restolabs expertise to help drive smart business decisions.
  • Honesty/Integrity
  • I was impressed by the honesty and integrity of Restolabs. I spent a lot of time weighing multiple potential providers, so much so that I cut into the project timeline a bit. Rafael and Restolabs did what they could to help make up for that, but even when I pushed hard, they never promised a date or deadline they couldn’t meet.
  • Flexibility/Creative Problem Solving
  • As mentioned, based on my business model, I have some unique needs, and new requests that are always popping up. The team at Restolabs helps me to meet my needs with the right mix of "off-the shelf" solutions, and custom-coding as needed, helping to manage my web costs accordingly, making smart, well-informed investment decisions.

  • Timeliness/Responsiveness/Access
  • Restolabs is extremely responsive to all requests. I appreciate having direct access to support team. They get things done fast and correct on the first round, and again, always in the time frame promised.
  • Value
  • Value is not only measured in price – although the Restolabs team is priced competitively. The first wave of web development, along with a mobile ordering app - and monthly hosting package allowed me to offer the full suite of web & mobile based ordering needed right out of the gate without breaking the bank. But the value continues in the fact that whenever I need another custom solution for my unique business needs, I can count on Restolabs to be there with an answer that is never cost prohibitive.
  • Ongoing Relationship
  • As I envision my company expanding over the next several years, and it’s needs expanding as well, I fully expect Restolabs to continue to be an important partner in that success. In fact, in the end that was the main reason I chose Restolabs. Knowing my needs in two years will be dramatically different than they are today, I wanted to choose a partner who could support me all the way through, and I know that Restolabs is the right partner for me.

Jim Lawlor, Owner

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