Staying connected to your customers during coronavirus outbreak  Restolabs
April 7, 2020
These are the most unusual of times. Within a span of few months, COVID-19 has completely altered our day-to-day routine and life as we know it might... Read More
10 quick tips to improve restaurant operations | Restolabs
April 7, 2020
You can have excellent food, impeccable customer service and 5-star ratings on Google, and still, lose your edge!  Working on streamlining the... Read More
Navigating the Coronavirus Outbreak A Day-to-Day Guide for Restaurants  Restolabs
April 5, 2020
 As the coronavirus pandemic brings life to a standstill, many restaurants have been forced to shut shops. Others are still soldiering on by adapting... Read More
5 things you can do to help your favorite restaurant survive the pandemic  restolabs
March 30, 2020
“We are on the brink of extinction.”—These ominous words are from the petition on made by restauranteurs across America appealing to the... Read More
Creative ways to boost delivery-only restaurant business on social media | Restolabs
March 26, 2020
In a 2018 report titled ‘Is the Kitchen Dead?’, investment bank UBS predicted that by 2030 most meals would be ordered online and delivered. 80% of... Read More
How to keep your restaurant profitable during CoronaVirus Outbreak | Restolabs
March 23, 2020
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has compelled authorities to issue orders for the temporary closure of several businesses, including many dine-in... Read More
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