How to start a delivery-only kitchen business
March 2, 2019
Americans love takeaways and ordering online, which no doubt explains why the USA Restaurant to Consumer Delivery market is now worth a whopping $ 16... Read More
Want to increase restaurant sales through pictures? Be in them!
February 28, 2019
Humans are visual creatures. Imageries, visuals, aesthetics, and appearances matter a lot to us. When making decisions, we are quick to judge a book... Read More
How effective is your restaurant's corporate identity
February 18, 2019
“I’m Lovin’ It”, “We have the meats”, “Have it your way” -  Did they ring a bell! Of course, they do, these popular slogans of world-renowned... Read More
How to make your restaurant profitable
February 12, 2019
Running a restaurant is truly not an easy feat. Making a business profitable is an exhausting task, but indeed a fulfilling experience for... Read More
Mobile Ordering and Delivery will become a $38 billion industry
February 5, 2019
Smartphones are changing the lifestyle of people. From what was just used to make phone calls is now used for almost everything in one’s day to day... Read More
Elevate your POS Systems with Online Ordering Integration
February 1, 2019
Online ordering is changing the way people order food. By 75% of America’s internet users order delivery at least once a week and while there are a... Read More
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