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Online ordering should be easy as pie - here's what you need to know

Online ordering should be easy as pie | Restolabs

A century ago, patience was a virtue. Today, not so much! As consumers, we want everything to be delivered at our doorstep, without any delays or errors.

5 ways integrating Online Ordering and POS Systems helps you retain customers

5 ways integrating Online Ordering and POS Systems helps you retain customers | Restolabs

You've realized that the way you want to capture your customer's attention would require you to follow an integrated approach.

Cloud Kitchen Concept – should you make the shift?

Cloud Kitchen Concept – should you make the shift? | Restolabs

Restaurant and food industry is one of the most dynamic business industries there is, with something new popping up every day. They change rapidly according to the change in demand and behavior of the customers.

Say 'NO' to discounts for continued growth of your restaurants | Restolabs

The Siren Song of "Free" Burgers is enticing and effective. In today's e-commerce age, it has turned out to be so strong that now customers don't want to buy from a brand that's not giving any kind of discounts or running promotions on meals.

Mobile ordering and delivery

The restaurant industry is booming and that’s pretty evident with hundreds of new restaurants opening up every week in the US alone.


For the past half-decade, the food truck industry has seen vast expansion. This U.S.


Is your mobile website as interactive and user-friendly as your desktop website? Chances are that your mobile website was treated as an afterthought. And if this is the case, you need to change it as soon as possible.

Why Have an Online Ordering System for Restaurants

From Starbucks to Domino’s, mobile ordering is taking the fast food industry by storm.

How to start a delivery-only kitchen business

Americans love takeaways and ordering online, which no doubt explains why the USA Restaurant to Consumer Delivery market is now worth a whopping $ 16 billion in annual sales. Experts predict that the market is expected to grow at a rate of 7.3% to reach $ 24 billion in annual revenue by 2023.

Want to increase restaurant sales through pictures? Be in them!

Humans are visual creatures. Imageries, visuals, aesthetics, and appearances matter a lot to us. When making decisions, we are quick to judge a book by its cover, and it is an undebatable fact.

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