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Why should restaurants today use social media ? There are many ways that social media can be used by today's restaurant industry.
You can use social media to:


Leave substantially important virtual footprints everywhere and anywhere you can imagine. We at restolabs can implement your business idea and processes very well on facebook in a very passive way.


In this eccentric world, the more you advance, more you get in return. Even if you have already got a website, billboards, banners, flyers running to promote your restraint, still there arises a need for this new style approach to marketing.

Online Ordering For Restaurants: Why do we need it ?

The key to an impactful and effective presence and hence a successful business  for restauranters today is to incorporate online ordering into thier forte.The fact that 40% of restauranters who have used online ordering have seen an increase in customer base is enough to suffice that online order

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