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Once upon a time, placing orders over the phone was convenient for the customers but now nobody has the time to talk over the phone. People prefer text over voice. Eventually, there will be a time when phone-ordering would become obsolete.

The Science of Online Food Ordering

Ever wondered why some items on the menu sell better online?

As online ordering becomes a major player in the restaurant business, it also offers a technology that provides the consumer an unparalleled access and comfort.


According to a research by the National Restaurant Association, the predicted total value of restaurant industry sales in the US is a whopping $799 billion which is also expected to grow at a rate of 15 p

Boosting Online Ordering using Photographs

“Without printing a word, photographs can inspire, educate and motivate people to action.”


Online ordering is an increasingly growing trend, it has potentially become ‘the tool’ for the food industry to reach out to their customers directly.

5 ways to promote your online ordering system

An ever growing number of restaurants is adopting the online ordering system.

With the online ordering system in demand and is being acknowledged by the customers due to the tremendous success of the ‘big pizza’ chains.


Online ordering has become a vital part of the food industry.

Evidently, users who search for food from a phone or tablet have a conversion rate nearing 90 percent.

How to build a compelling online presence

A lot of restaurants are online but many of them don’t establish this presence properly.

How to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales for Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. You need to constantly look into new ways to reach more customers and increase sales. In the past, this meant spending money on print, radio, and television advertising.

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