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April 24, 2014

It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it’s an imperative.
— Michael Collins

There is no quote more truly that captures the essence of information age that we live in. The leaps and bound in technological advancement has not only expanded our vision to do things faster and simpler but have defined the future. Be it an hour long chat with your friends over face-time in Dubai, Sharing everyday photos and videos on phones, synchronizing on video conferencing with your boss. One wonders, what the next step is. We simply can’t ignore the boundless possibilities that internet gives us.

Today’s times are testing for even the big and small ventures businesses across nations. Restaurant managing being one of them. It’s just not enough to have the location and menu that would promise to deliver customer retention, sales upgrading and more. The customers still expect more. It all brings us down to one basic question How do stay one step ahead from the rest of the other? The answer is , wait for…..You take the restaurant to the customer online. Online ordering for restaurants is not so relatively new buzz word, but is sure the next level in online marketing. Never before did you imagine reaching out to those unfamiliar territories on new customer, driving the customers again, sharing with the world your stories and much more. Report suggested that Facebook, twitter have all contributed greatly to restaurant using it as tools to market and sell the brand in a more cost effective manner quoted in

Think about it why not? With fuel and raw material prices on hike there is little margins of profit that restaurant are driving for. Online ordering for restaurant allows you to get your marketing going to the customers with no additional extra cost. Even the customers find it convenient to order from wide selection menu without hassle in much lesser time. It’s a win-win game. The key is to be persistent with your tools of online ordering.

Here are few reasons you may want to read to tip the scale in favor of online ordering for restaurant. There are few to get started:

  1. ​ Drive your sales up with targeted marketing
    • Reach out to new and wide customers with your exciting menu to help them choose better.
    • Interfacing on social media to get more orders, share new events, and raise awareness for culinary arts.
    • Convenient pick up and drop to effectively manage your time.
  2. Customer satisfaction made easy
    • Choices from wide selection of menu for seamless process by customers
    • Charm your customers with special coupons and promotion deals
    • Suggesting up-scaling to the regular customers
  3. Efficient and seamless operations at work
    • Automated order generation, less time wasted on phone by employees
    • Email integration to reach out to all customers with deals and promotion with just one click.
    • Tracking your sales drive every week.

That settles the scores for getting excited for why online ordering for restaurant is the new way in marketing. What promises does the technology hold in future is still to guess! Yet again having to choose from various online ordering software providers is still quite a tough call. It’s your restaurant and only after due diligence should you go after the right choice. 

At the risk of sounding biased (we take that chance) Restolabs offers much more than that. With seamless POS integration and user friendly approach makes it invaluable asset to every restaurant owner in town. At no additional set up cost, the team works round the clock to assist with even the tiniest problem.

To sum it up, online ordering for restaurant is the new way in marketing and gives you an edge to make your restaurant stand out from the lot! 


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